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Stock Trucks Available Today!

Welcome to CCH Atlas...


At CCH Atlas we offer a wide range of services in vehicle supply and aftersales support of specialist commercial vehicles.


Our team have many years expertise in the procurement and operation of specialist commercial vehicles. There is particular emphasis on the choice of vehicle and specification which will ‘best do the job’ at a competitive cost, over the whole period.


New Unregistered MAN TGM 26.290 26 Tonne 6x2 with Rear Steer

complete with Atlas Rear Mounted Crane 125/A11 and

Martin Williams Dropside Body



New Unregistered MAN TGS 26.320 26 Tonne 6x2

complete with Atlas Rear Mounted Crane 135/A11 and

Martin Williams Dropside Body









+44 (0) 2034 245 051


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We're only a phone call away:


02034 245 051



or email us at:

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